Are you having a business or personal dispute and is unsure of what to do?

We know you may feel lost and confused as to what steps to take next.
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Why Mediation?

Mediation is a facilitative process which helps parties resolve disputes in a non-confrontational way. As the parties are guided by the mediator to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution, they are usually more satisfied with the outcomes and this helps to preserve their relationship. Mediation is also confidential.

In addition, mediation saves time and money. Unlike going to court which maybe expensive and take months or years, a majority of SMC’s mediation cases are resolved within one working day.

Watch the video below to find out why Mediation could be the best way to resolve your disputes.

Don’t let business disputes frustrate you. Try Mediation today.

About Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC)

The Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) is Singapore’s leading provider of alternative dispute resolution services. These include its core services of mediation, adjudication, neutral evaluation, and resolving disputes involving families, infrastructure projects and Internet domain names.

SMC has mediated more than 4,500 matters worth over $10 billion since its launch on 16 August 1997. About 70% of our cases are settled with 90% of them resolved within one day, attesting to the effectiveness of mediation.

SMC is one of four designated mediation service providers under Singapore’s Mediation Act 2017. This means that mediation settlements administered by SMC can be converted into a court order that is immediately enforceable.