International Mediation Institute Credentialing System

The International Mediation Institute (IMI), based in the Netherlands, is the only international standards-setting body for mediation. It aims to promote transparency and high competency standards in mediation practice worldwide. IMI certifies mediators to assure quality and professionalism in the field. Its certification is acknowledged and recognised by courts and various private dispute resolution bodies around the world, and allows certified mediators to offer their service for international clients.

SMC’s Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals (Module 1 & 2) and Mediation Skills Assessment (MSA) qualifies mediators for IMI Certification. Our programme meets the IMI criteria and has been approved by the Independent Standards Commission of IMI. For more information on IMI, please click here.


The fees payable to become an IMI Certified Mediator through SMC’s Qualifying Assessment Programme is as follows:

 Credentialing scheme

Fees (with Effect from 1 April 2018)
(Inclusive of GST)

IMI Certified Mediator

Admin Fee: $321*
QAP Fee: $1,070
Feedback Digest (first issue): $374.50
Feedback Digest (subsequent updates): $160.50

IMI – SIMI Cross Credentialing

Admin Fee: $321*
Feedback Digest (first issue): $374.50
Feedback Digest (subsequent updates): $160.50

* The admin fee is to be paid upon application and it is non-refundable.


(a) Interested applicants may apply for this accreditation programme through the registration form here and return it to us by email, fax or mail.

(b) Application for SMC’s QAP Assessment is open all year round.


For more information, please contact:

Ms Sivaranjani Kannappa
Tel: +65 6804 9288
Fax: +65 6333 5085
Email: training@mediation.com.sg


SMC reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time. 

Eligibility criteria 



IMI Qualified Mediator

  1. Only participants who complete SCMP Module 1 after 1 January 2019 are eligible to be considered for this application
  2. Pass the SMC Mediation Skills Assessment (MSA)

IMI Certified Mediator

  1. Pass the SMC Mediation Skills Assessment (MSA)
  2. Acquire the following mediation experience within the three year period immediately preceding the date of application:
    • 20 full-scale mediations*; or
    • 200 hours of one or more mediations which lasted longer than a day
  3. Pass SMC’s post-experience knowledge and skills assessment (QAP Assessment) within a one year period immediately preceding the date of application. Components of the QAP Assessment:
    • One-hour role-play assessment
    • One-hour written test
    • A written reflection
    • One-hour interview with an SMC assessor**
  4. Complete your SIMI Certified Mediator profile on SIMI’s website which should include a Feedback Digest prepared by a Reviewer based on at least 10 of the submitted mediations

Application for SMC’s QAP Assessment is open all year round. We take about two to three weeks to process each application and the outcome will be announced by email or post.

*These must be achieved within three years of attaining SMC’s Mediation Skills Assessment (MSA) or equivalent certifications. **The interviews will be done on a separate day, which will include a review of the written test and role-play assessment.


Singapore International Mediation Institute Certified Mediators who are applying to be an IMI Certified Mediator through the cross-credential pathway are exempted from the QAP Assessment.