Family Mediation Certification Programme

Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) Family Mediation Certification Programme (FMCP) will be launched in June/July 2022. FMCP is a joint effort between SMC and Family Justice Courts. FMCP is only open to SMC Accredited Mediator.

To be an SMC Accredited Mediator, applicant has to complete the Strategic Conflict Management for Professionals Module 1 (SCMP1) and Module 2 (SCMP2) and pass the Mediation Skills Assessment (MSA). Those who receive a minimum pass for MSA will be called SMC Accredited Mediator. Registration for these courses is found here.

SMC Accredited Mediator who passes the FMCP assessment will be called SMC Certified Family Mediator. SMC Accredited Mediator who received a distinction at MSA and is on SMC’s Panel of Mediators, will be placed on the specialised panel of Family Mediators upon passing the FMCP assessment.

There is no early registration. We encourage those who are interested to keep a look-out for the enrolment exercise of the certification programme at

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