With its 20-year track record, SMC is the training expert in the field of negotiation, mediation and conflict management in Singapore and the region. SMC has conducted workshops in countries such as Fiji, Malta, Jordan, China, Myanmar, the Philippines etc. Our workshops are highly rated. For instance, in one workshop for the Ministry of Education, 100% of participants rated it as either excellent or very good.

Our trainers bring with them the best of both worlds — an Asian sensitivity to cultural nuances in mediation and a background in the Harvard model of interest-based negotiations. They use proven teaching methods and hands-on lessons to liven up the classes. SMC runs workshops for organisations in Singapore weekly.

International Mediation Institute Certification



The fee payable to become an IMI Certified Mediator through SMC’s QAP comprises the following:

Application Administrative Fee (Payable upon application, non-refundable)

$321.00 (includes GST)

QAP Fee (Payable upon IMI certification)

$1,070.00 (includes GST)

Feedback Digest

S$374.50 (includes GST); $160.50 (includes GST) for each subsequent update.


IMI, on its website, states that it is a “non-profit public-interest initiative to drive transparency and high competency standards into mediation practice across all fields worldwide”.

The Institute brings together stakeholders such as mediators and advocates, promotes understanding, and shares skills in its public-interest capacity. 

IMI certifies mediators to assure quality and professionalism in the field. Being an IMI-certified mediator means:

  • You are at a high and transparent practice standard, and you are an aspirational example to others.
  • Your profile is listed along with a Feedback Digest. Written by reviewers who have worked with you, the feedback gives objective summaries of your performance, lending credibility when read by your future clients.
  • Your profile is listed on the IMI website — a useful reference for clients to better understand your style, non-mediation skills and other traits. In short, how you would suit a mediation case.
  • A non-service provider, IMI is listed in search engines which provider rosters cannot reach. The IMI Certified Mediator search engine is the only mediator listing embedded in the Kluwer Corporate Counsel Online Mediation Service.
  • Certification brings in work. International organisations now consider appointing IMI-certified mediators and regard Feedback Digests as critical when doing so.

For more information, please click here.

Experienced mediators who are keen to be IMI Certified Mediators can do so through the Qualifying Assessment Programme (QAP) at SMC.

Our QAP is open to all applicants who fulfil these criteria:

Mediator Experience

  • 20 SMC or SMC-endorsed full-scale mediations or 200 hours of experience in SMC or SMC-endorsed full-scale mediations
    • within 3 years preceding in the application
    • have a high settlement rate
  • Produce a mediation log of the number, dates, duration and subject matter of the mediations
  • Submit Feedback From participants from a minimum of 10 mediations in SMC or SMC-endorsed mediations.

Mediation Knowledge

  • Successfully complete a one-hour written test (either essay question, short case-studies or combination of both)
  • Go through a one-hour interview with an SMC assessor to review the written test with the option of supplementary questions

Mediator Skills

These are assessed in actual mediation or role play simulation.

  • Evaluation Form by an independent SMC assessor
  • A written self-reflection of the said mediation
  • Interview with SMC to review the mediation

SMC is committed to promoting diversity and will make accessible its QAP to any experienced mediator who meets the rigorous criteria for IMI Certification under this programme.

SMC’s QAP is conducted all year round. SMC will take about 2 to 3 weeks to process each application for admission to our IMI QAP. The outcome will be released via email or post. A one-time, non-refundable administrative fee of $214.00 (includes GST) applies for each application.

Application Process

Please download and submit the completed forms following to

1. IMI QAP Application Form

2. Feedback From

3. Case Tracking Summary