Matrimonial Mediation Scheme

Litigation of matrimonial matters can be expensive, protracted and exact a significant emotional toll on the parties involved. Mediation is an effective and efficient way to help resolve these disputes, regardless of whether the parties have commenced litigation.

SMC has developed a Matrimonial Mediation Scheme to help parties involved in matrimonial cases resolve such disputes amicably, and in a faster and cheaper manner. Mediation can assist couples who are going through divorce or separation resolve complicated issues in the dispute. Such issues may include custody of children, spousal maintenance, division of family assets and other financial matters arising from the breakdown of the relationship.

The aim of the Matrimonial Mediation Scheme is to:

  • Encourage a constructive and conciliatory approach to the resolution of matrimonial disputes;
  • Resolve matrimonial disputes in an effective and timely way;
  • Help maintain long-term family relationships and reduce emotional turmoil for parties; and
  • Ensure that costs are kept affordable for parties.

SMC has accredited experienced matrimonial law practitioners from our Panels of Principal and Associate Mediators to mediate disputes under this Scheme. With at least one full day set aside to help parties resolve their differences, SMC believes that investing in the time to assist parties will increase the chances of settlement and result in solutions which better satisfy the interests of parties.

With a high chance of settlement, control over the outcome, the savings of cost and time, and without further damage to relationships, mediation is the way to go for matrimonial cases.

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