Mediation provides a cost-effectiveness and efficient alternative for businesses in challenging situations. SMC aims to reach out to our end-users, the business community, to increase awareness of the alternative dispute resolution systems in Singapore, especially mediation and advocate its benefits as a strategic tool for growth.

20 May 2016: Mediation Symposium 2016



20 May 2016, 9.00am - 6.00pm


Joyden Hall, Bugis +

Registration Fee (Inclusive of GST)

Regular: Half Day $74.90/ Full Day $107.00
20May LawSoc Symposium

Widely recognised for its cost savings and time efficiency, mediation is increasingly being adopted by the Courts, legal practitioners and disputants to resolve all manner of disputes.

A few salient questions remain for those seeking to acquaint themselves with this up and coming mode of dispute resolution: How does mediation work, especially in the various dispute contexts? Why choose mediation other than cost or/and time savings? Are the outcomes more desirable in comparison to other forms of dispute resolution?

The Mediation Symposium, presented by the Law Society of Singapore, seeks to deepen insights on mediation and raise awareness on the mediation programmes available to the public.

At this symposium, you will hear from experienced mediators, judicial officers and experts from various industries on how mediation can effectively resolve various types of disputes. The role-play sessions will show first-hand how a dispute is handled from the beginning right up to its resolution, highlighting the nuances and procedures of mediation, thereby providing participants a holistic view of what mediation is all about and its processes.

Participants may choose to attend the full day or half day (AM or PM) programme depending on area of interest.


  • What is mediation and the common issues that arise during mediation?
  • What happens when parties fail to agree?
  • Can mediation be used in the resolution of disputes between family members, business partners and within the community?
  • How mediation can be used as a medium in dispute resolution in specific industries such as technology companies and healthcare service providers?

If you missed the Mediation Symposium you can still read the Keynote Address on our website here.