• SMC undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in fostering mediation as an expedient and efficacious means of settling disputes. In this respect SMC has fulfilled its role admirably.  I am confident SMC will build on its recognition and make mediation the preferred choice of dispute resolution.

    - Seah Choo Meng, Director, Langdon & Seah Pte Ltd

  • The SMC is a highly professional outfit which has the single-minded aim of delivering a process which has integrity and is scrupulously fair. It has more than achieved its goal.

    - Davinder Singh, Senior Counsel, Chief Executive Officer, Drew & Napier LLC

  • Our clients have benefitted from the expertise and quality of the mediators from SMC in resolving construction-related disputes. The mediators work closely with the parties to try and effect creative methods of achieving a “win-win” outcome. This in turn helps the parties to save a lot of time and money.

    - Edwin Sim, Director, Lexton Law Corporation

  • Thank you for the most interactive and results-oriented training I have ever attended. SMC is a top notch training provider for those seeking hands on experience in mediation. Participants gain practical mediation skills and feel prepared to mediate in their cases.

    - Jehad Kazim, Director, Legal Service, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • I have been involved with SMC ever since its inception, and have admired its development into a powerful instrument for amicable dispute resolution over the years. Its success reminds us that pressing a dispute to adjudication by litigation or arbitration is not always the best policy, and other methods of dispute settlement may be cheaper, faster and ultimately more satisfactory.

    - Michael Hwang, Senior Counsel, Michael Hwang Chambers

  • Dispute resolution in Singapore has taken a giant stride because of the outstanding contributions, progress and achievements of the SMC.

    - Harry Elias, Senior Counsel, Harry Elias Partnership LLP

  • I would highly recommend mediation as a great way to resolve conflicts. The mediation process is entirely in the hands of the parties involved. It can be as cost effective and as efficient as the parties would like it to be. Singapore Mediation Centre helps by providing highly competent mediators.

    - Quek Bin Hwee, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • Thanks to George Lim and the Singapore Mediation Centre, Fiji has been given relevant training and encouragement. We are confidently on the road forward for the integration of mediation into our justice system. We have miles to travel. However with SMC’s loyal commitment to assist us in that travel gives us the necessary encouragement to persist.

    - Chief Justice Anthony Gates, Fiji

  • As lawyers, our paramount interest in a matter is always that of our clients. Mediation at SMC with their very patient and effective mediators is something that I would commend to parties who are minded to resolve a dispute without going through the rigours and stress of protracted litigation.

    - Mr Lee Soo Chye, Senior Partner, Aequitas Law LLP

  • Mediation often results in mutual accommodation, and the avoidance of costly, and often highly contentious, litigation.

    - Joseph Grimberg, Senior Council, Consultant, Drew & Napier LLC

  • My experience with mediation has been a positive one. It really facilitates a level of communication between parties that is often not possible in litigation. The staff at the Singapore Mediation Centre really listen carefully to the needs of the parties and try to be accommodating. I have recommended the SMC to my clients and would be happy to do so again in future.

    - Kuah Boon Theng, Legal Clinic LLC

  • The judiciary has always been supportive of mediation and will continue to do so. Mediation is here to stay. ... The public and commercial sectors will have to shift out of the litigation gear and be willing to attempt mediation. The Singapore Mediation Centre should be the first stop for the parties to try to resolve their disputes.

    - Former Chief Justice of Singapore, Yong Pung How
    Launch of the Singapore Mediation Centre, 16 August 1997

Welcome to SMC

Primarily dedicated to promoting the amicable and fair settlement of commercial disputes, SMC aims to create an environment in which people can work together to find enduring solutions to conflicts and tensions created by human interactions.

With an impressive record of facilitating the mediation of nearly 2,000 disputes and a settlement rate of 75%, of which 90% settled within a day, we contribute to the building of a thriving business community, by broadening awareness of, and providing affordable access to, constructive means of dispute resolution.

We offer:

  • Mediation and other services such as Collaborative Family Practice, Neutral Evaluation, Med-Arb, Adjudication under the Security of Payment Act and Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution
  • Training services in negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Accreditation and maintain quality panels of mediators and other neutrals
  • Consultancy services for dispute avoidance, dispute management and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

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