Collaborative Family Practice

Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) is an interest-based approach to untangling matrimonial discord. It takes place before the start of any court proceedings.

With the support of the Family Justice Courts of Singapore and The Law Society of Singapore, the CFP service aims to help couples reach an agreement which both sides can live with, preventing bitter lawsuits.

Specially trained CFP lawyers and other family specialists such as financial advisers and child experts, work with the parties to negotiate an agreement that suits the family.

A unique feature of this process is that CFP lawyers cannot represent their clients in future litigation if settlement is not reached. This gives a greater incentive for feuding parties and lawyers to settle all their disputes.

Unlike matrimonial legal battles, CFP is a much less stressful and less hostile process. It allows parties to be civil towards each other, which is very important if they have children. The process is confidential.

Members of SMC’s Panel of CFP Lawyers are practising family lawyers. Many are also accredited SMC mediators with specialist training. 


Parties pay an hourly rate of $428 (includes GST) when SMC refers a CFP lawyer and/or another professional to you. Note that a deposit is collected once the lawyers and/or other professionals are appointed. 

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